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After graduating from USC's Annenberg School of Communications and working as an entertainment journalist in Los Angeles, I cut my marketing teeth on award-winning local, national and international PR and marketing campaigns for global business, entertainment and technology companies and clients, including Microsoft, Intel,, AT&T, HBO, PBS and Sony.

Prior to moving to Boulder in 2008 to head up marketing for a venture-backed clean energy start-up, I served as the National Communications Director for a Seattle-based environmental advocacy coalition, overseeing communications and outreach campaigns in support of clean energy, wildlife conservation and endangered species protection in the Pacific Northwest. I founded Ayni Communications in 2013.

Founder & Principal 

 Changing our world – one word, one image, one website at a time.

For more than two decades, I have created and run innovative marketing campaigns in traditional, online and social media. I'm a master at creating engaging websites, brands and materials that connect with audiences, and I know how to get results. 

My marketing, design and event management experience, both as an in-house executive and outside agency counsel for Fortune 500 and emerging start-up companies and non-profits, has blessed me with the knowledge, skills and abilities that today form the core of Ayni Communications' offerings. 

Always a California girl at heart, I came home to Southern California in 2019, and today live and work in Santa Barbara.

In Quechua, the native language of Peru and the high Andes, the word ayni means "in right relationship." 

I founded Ayni Communications on the principle of delivering socially conscious marketing "in right relationship" for individuals, organizations and companies creating change in our communities and our world.


Through Ayni Communications, I offer a full range of conscious marketing solutions, including web site design and development, social media, logo and graphic design, digital marketing, launch management, events and more. 

Visit Our Work to explore our capabilities in depth and learn more about the services we offer.

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